About Us


Onvoir is a performance based programmatic ad serving network designed to help the publishers to efficiently monetize their online inventory and assets, and at the same time ensure that the advertisers get the maximum return for their ad spend by reaching out to their target audience in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Onvoir uses fourth generation real-time bidding (RTB) technology to guarantee results. We also offer an easy-to-use client interface and dashboards to help you keep track of your progress in real-time.

Onvoir is the online digital marketing arm of ClickStream Media Pvt Ltd.,a leading digital media company with interests in advertising and public relations.


We envision being the online advertising platform of choice for SME advertisers and publishers. To this end, our actions are driven by the following values:

Commitment to Quality:

Our products and services will be synonymous with the best value for money.

Investment in Excellence:

We will continually raise the bar – in product, technology, and professionalism.

Innovation that Matters:

We will continue to evolve in our products and our technology, creating a model for others to follow

Corporate Social Responsibility:

We will be a great place to work, creating an environment that is fair, equitable and inspires people to be the best .

Onvoir is India’s leading online/digital advertising and marketing company. Our programmatic ad serving solution ensures maximum reach and optimum return for digital ad campaigns covering banner, text, video and mobile ads.