For Publishers

Onvoir helps publishers to generate more revenues with its cutting-edge Contextual and Geo targeted Ad Serving technology


Transparency – Online dashboard and reports


Easy integration – Code generation kit, self-implementation.


Implementation using – XML, JSON, Javascript or XHTML.


Wider reach –Global ad network


Campaigns – Compelling advertising campaigns from leading brands.


Peace of mind – Guaranteed on time monthly payments


Reporting – Real-time reporting and analysis through graphical dashboard


Pricing – CPM, CPC , CPA, Hybrid


Support – Best in class , personalized customer support

Ad formats

  • Banners
  • Sky Scrapers
  • Leader Boards
  • Pop-Unders
  • Text Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Mobile Ads

Onvoir is India’s leading online/digital advertising and marketing company. Our programmatic ad serving solution ensures maximum reach and optimum return for digital ad campaigns covering banner, text, video and mobile ads.